[Asterisk-Dev] GR303

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Sat Jun 4 20:22:25 MST 2005

On Saturday 04 June 2005 22:50, Rich Adamson wrote:
> > what is the current state of GR-303 support in asterisk?  from
> > looking at the zap driver it seems to handle both FXO and FXS
> > now.  are there any significant missing pieces?
> I asked the same a couple times in the last six months and really
> haven't run into anyone that says they are using it. Apparently
> Mark uses it to reach a concentrator of some type at trade shows.
> You may just have to send him a direct email.
> I'd like to implement gr303 with a siemens central office in the
> next 60 days, but I haven't found any sample configs or hints that
> it even works.

Might be helpful for someone to summarize exactly how GR303 is
similar or different to other signalling protocols (i.e. line
appearance, callerid, did, etc.).  Google doesn't seem to find any
really specific information about it (other than it existing).  For
example, is GR-303 similar to a PRI?  If so, how is it different from
a PRI?


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