[Asterisk-Dev] NEWBIE - Help compiling and linking cdr_odbc.c

Rob Gagnon rob at networkip.net
Mon Mar 29 02:03:07 MST 2004

There is a bug in the makefile in the cdr/ directory that prevents that. 

OSARCH=$(shell uname -s)

ifeq (${OSARCH},Darwin)
   SOLINK=-dynamic -bundle -undefined suppress -force_flat_namespace
   SOLINK=-shared -Xlinker -x

# unixODBC stuff...

in the Makefile.

BUT.. if you are using mysql, why not use cdr_mysql.c from the asterisk-addons checkout

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  I modified the file cdr_odbc.c because it will not work with MS SQL, to include the length of the variable in the sqlbindparameter function. The problem is that I don't know how to compile it and how to "make" it.


  I type "make Makefile", but it does nothing. I think that I have to compile it first. But if I type gcc cdr_odbc.c it fails with hundreds of errors.



  Would you be so kind as to let me know how to compile this and make it work?



  Yours truly,



  Federico Alves

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