[Asterisk-Dev] End of public smear campaign by pimpsoft

Steve Szmidt steve at szmidt.org
Thu Jul 29 15:34:52 MST 2004

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On Thursday 29 July 2004 03:29 pm, dking at pimpsoft.com wrote:
> On 25 Jul 2004 at 11:21, Steve wrote:
> > Guess what, we would not support his efforts if he decided to do that.
> > He'd most likely loose the whole developer community. Which also does all
> > this testing. This makes no practical sense...

I guess you don't see the difference between Mark and his guys, and McClaim 
and his SCOundrils. I know Mark for his actions, and I for one have no 
problem "betting the farm" on his integrity.

> Nether did SCO's actions and look at them. Greed is a big Motivator and I
> hate the thought of it hurting the opensource community.

Yeah, you would know. Differences and similarities, you got to be able to tell 
things apart. You appear to see crime wherever you look. Then look at your 
domain name, it does not exactly giving us a warm and fuzzy feeling about 
your judgement, now does it?!

What comes to mind is, you know others the way you know yourself. I think your 
intentions are to get people to stop contributing to Asterisk. All this talk 
about being a friend is just a cover up!

> > I can also with great certainty talk for all of us, when I say that we
> > don't take your accusations of Mark and Digium, seriously. You also loose
> > all your credibility because of it. You walked into the world of Asterisk
> > and laid claims of gross impropriety, don't expect us to now think very
> > well of You.
> I started this thread/discussion in an attempt to help; IF you see me
> as a idiot I cant stop you but in the end we all have are own ways of

No, not as an idiot but clearly someone who's trying to stir up trouble.
You say you're a friend but then at the same time you try to undermine our 
trust in Digium. Think about what effects your actions really has! 

Look at this statement:

"I think the licensing is just A RUSE TO STEAL the software in a legal 
way at some future date while allowing them to keep a public domain 
source branch they can do as they please with, IMHO. 

[My emphasis]

What do you call that? Being helpful?? Motivating people to contribute more?

If you really had these issues you would have contacted Mark and had it out 
with him. Or an attorney. But you don't, you come here and fling dirt on his 
name without any evidence, or even decent conjecture!

You say that Mark and his people are up to no good and are going to rip us all 
off one day! 

I'm sorry, this acts like a covert attack on Asterisk, and can undermine the 
trust we have in the project. Of course the good part here is that all the 
old timers know Mark so your attempt to sabotage is missed on us.

> doing things. Mine is to call people publicly so that the problem can
> not be swept under the rug, gets resolved, and makes the open source
> community as a whole stronger. I'm really a friend of the project, I

But you're not digging up our "problems", you are digging them up from who 
knows where. Thanks but we can do without this kind of backstabbing! 

> just see a legal problem that can bite it in the future and I wanted
> everyone to know in case they want to protect themselves, not unlike
> what I do as my day job with security exploits and system
> administration.  Sometimes making allot fo noise is the only way to
> get peoples attention and since you all have a vested interest and
> connection with this project I knew your all going to not like what I
> am saying and not be open minded and mature about things to the
> extent I would have liked.

See that is the same nonsense. You are not a lawyer, but yet you claim to know 
more than the ones who put the GPL together. Any person with good intent, 
would have stopped long ago, and verified the facts, instead you continue to 
spread your foul arbitrary accusations here! And don't call it an adult 

> > Because unlike you, we have worked with Mark and his company for years,
> > and apparently have a better understanding of the freedoms of the GPL. We
> > will also write off your notion of evil under the cupboard, and happily
> > continue developing.
> So be it. But when the time comes you can think about me and hold no
> blame, since I tried as best I could to help.

Knock off this covert bull, or go and pimp somewhere else...

Your next post better be some constructive HELP. As in showing someone how to 
solve a problem. You need to make up for your damage by giving some unselfish 
help. If that's too much you know how to unsubscribe...

If you insist on continuing, take it off list. You have mine and anyone elses 
email address already.

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Steve Szmidt

"They that would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety."
                                Benjamin Franklin

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