[Asterisk-Dev] voicemail message number limits

dking at pimpsoft.com dking at pimpsoft.com
Thu Jul 29 12:37:12 MST 2004

As I have said many times, Digum does not own the copyright for the 
software despite what they try to get people to sign. The disclaimers 
are invalid.

On 25 Jul 2004 at 12:22, Tilghman Lesher wrote:

> That is patently false.  Cut, SayUnixTime, and several other
> applications that I've written are copyright Tilghman Lesher.  I've
> only granted a license to Digium for them to do whatever they like
> with the code (including releasing it under the GPL, for public
> consumption).
> > - Digium chooses to distribute all the code in CVS under the GPL,
> > as is their right since they are the copyright holder. All of that
> > code can be used in any fashion that the GPL allows.
> It is their right as both copyright holder for much of the code, as
> well as the grants of license given to them by various contributors.
> > - Digium will not put anything into the CVS tree that cannot be
> > distributed under the terms of the GPL.
> Digium will not put anything into the CVS tree that is not free and
> clear of obligations, be those obligations GPL, patent, trademark,
> copyright, or otherwise.
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> Tilghman
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