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Thu Jul 29 12:33:30 MST 2004

Fact: Digum is a company.
Fact: Companies make money to survive.
Fact: If Digum was non-profit this thread would not exist.
Fact: Digum can show its and prove its good intentions by signing off 
the copyright to asterisk to public domain with the code being gpl.

On 25 Jul 2004 at 9:07, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Andy Powell wrote:
> > Before this thread turns into a complete yawnfest (oops too late) can I ask if it's safe to make the assumption that everything in the CVS source tree is GPL? IE  if I approached Digium/Mark with some code would he refuse to add it to CVS if it was not GPL (aside from the disclaimer issue)? Is the fact that it is in CVS indicative of it's licencing being GPL?
> He would refuse to merge it not because it wasn't distributed under the 
> GPL, but because the copyright holder of that code had not signed over 
> copyright of the code to Digium. If the copyright holder of that code is 
> willing to sign over to Digium, then any license(s) that code may have 
> been previously distributed under are completely irrelevant.
> You must change your thinking slightly: code cannot "be" GPL. Code can 
> be distributed under the terms of the GPL, but the code itself is still 
> a copyrighted work (unless it has been placed into the public domain).
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