Discalimer (was Re: [Asterisk-Dev] internationalized DISA)

Fran Boon flavour at partyvibe.com
Thu Jul 29 08:03:25 MST 2004

Holger Schurig wrote:
> Anyone input on a) or b), anyone tried the patch?

No input, other than "Internationalisation is Good" :)

> BTW, I want to make a disclaimer which says that all that I explicitly 
> upload to bugs.digium.com is automatically disclaimed, but things that I 
> don't upload aren't. This reduces the tediocity and gives me choice :-)

You can do this.
I made mine "Anything I upload to Bugs.digium.com is disclaimed" without 
the 'belt & braces' of explicitly excluding other things...


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