[Asterisk-Dev] cdr_odbc.c changes required to work with Microsoft's SQL server

joachim zoachien at securax.org
Wed Jul 28 07:03:00 MST 2004

Please post them to bugs.digium.com


At 15:24 28/07/2004, you wrote:
>Hi folks;  in order to get cdr_odbc.c to work properly via ODBC to a 
>Microsoft SQL server, I had to make some small minor changes to 
 I’m wondering if anyone has an interest in trying to 
>incorporate these changes somehow to the distribution;  I don’t do this 
>sort of thing very often, so I’m not familiar with the process for the 
>whole idea
 anyone want to give me some pointers as to whether or not I 
>should even do anything, or
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