[Asterisk-Dev] internationalized DISA

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Wed Jul 28 03:09:48 MST 2004

Attached is a patch to app_disa to make it behave to non-americal 
dial&busy tones.

Please comment.

I use it with something like this:


And in the Grandstream, I set "Offhook Auto-Dial: 99"

It seems to work for me so far, I just have two points where I need input:

a) I always get WARNING[11275]: cdr.c:286 ast_cdr_init: CDR already 
initialized on 'SIP/dnarotam-eab5'

b) around line 240, my #if 0 makes the code look like this of you act like 
the C preprozessor:

  if (!i || (ast_ignore_pattern(ourcontext, exten) && k)) {
  } else

Obviously, this doesn't look right. But putting the start_dial_tone(chan) 
here didn't produce the expected behavior. Anyone has a clue?
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