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Sat Jul 24 19:03:18 MST 2004

You just agreed Digium at any time can take Asterisk out of open source and make future versions proprietary no matter how much open source work is done on it

Also your wrong on the idea that they have absolute control since I was in a similar problem with some of my own work designed/coded//invented/whatever by me and a company that stole the source code/design, violated my license, and used it both commercially and under a entirely different and incompatible license without following my terms. That is how I know what is illegal and what is not, I have first hand experience you all lack. 

On 24 Jul 2004 at 21:06, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:

> > The thing is, that would also be illegal, so by reference what your saying
> > is either not true/valid or proves my point above.
> Um no, it wouldn't.
> I make Apple pies.  I give away the recipe to my apple pies but reserve my 
> copyright on the recipe.  You alter the recipe (add nutmeg) and make it 
> better, and want me to include your alterations to the apple pie recipe in my 
> next recipe publishing run.  I say fine, but I want you to give me your 
> copyright to your nutmeg enhancement so that if I want to sell my recipe to 
> Applebee's, I can do so without having to consult you or worry about you 
> suing me for including nutmeg in the recipe.
> You sign a piece of paper saying that I now own the copyright to your nutmeg 
> enhancement to my recipe.  
> I can do whatever I want with it now, and no, it's not illegal.  I can decide 
> to take my recipe (with nutmeg) and make it private and not give it away 
> anymore.  This is not illegal.  You gave me the right to do that.
> I can't stop you (or anyone else) from taking the apple pie recipe I was 
> giving away and doing what they want with it, but I can say I'm not giving it 
> away any more.
> Please, read up on the GPL and what it really does and does not provide.  As 
> the copyright holder, Digium can do whatever they please with it.  When you 
> sign over the disclaimer you are granted the ability to have your changes to 
> Asterisk in the main Asterisk code branch, but in exchange you no longer have 
> any rights over your code changes.
> Again, this is not illegal nor against the GPL.
> -A.
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