[Asterisk-Dev] UK Caller ID patch and new CVS

dking at pimpsoft.com dking at pimpsoft.com
Thu Jul 22 11:21:11 MST 2004

The true nature of open source is defined as the source being available and open. Limiting the included code for the central offering based on someone’s will because he thinks it will mean he can sell more hardware if he does not do so is not open source, its dictatorship. I find it very sad that based on my understanding asterisk will not include code that will help many people just because one person feels that to do so would hurt his companies profit margins, when the code is no doubt already available 
somewhere else or is needed by someone.

In the time I have watched this list even before I started posting I have seen much of this; Keep up the dictatorship of the central code repository and I guarantee you a branch of the source code will form within the next 3-6 months. Not by me since I do not have the requisite understanding, but I believe it important to say here that if the open source community does not like the way digium or ‘Mark’ is doing things it will simply make them unnecessary for the project to go forward by cutting them out of the 
loop. And that perfectly acceptable from a legal standpoint since asterisk is after all GPL.

I don’t mean to be cruel or annoying, I’m stating facts as I see them. If I am wrong or ignorant by all means tell me, but if it looks like this to me, how do you think it looks to the thousands of other people ghosting around this project and watching in the shadows as I once did?

Just a though.

On 22 Jul 2004 at 14:43, Chris Stenton wrote:

> Mark does not like the history buffer method  used. I think code will be
> included for the the fxo module at some point but not for the X100P.
> Chris.

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