[Asterisk-Dev] PRI Error with EWSD Switch

Steve Hanselman SteveH at brendata.co.uk
Mon Jul 19 15:23:54 MST 2004

This is very similar to the issue I'm seeing, eventually all channels go
down, a restart of Asterisk is not sufficient and a reload of Zaptel is

I'm running a TE410P, but I suspect that the issue's very similar.

Does anybody know what an event 8 actually is?  (I also see 6 but 8 is
certainly the more common event seen).

I'm still pulling apart the code to see what else I'm going to need to chase
it down.

I've posted a bug at bugs.digium.com, but it's been closed as a hardware
fault, I'm not convinced it is but I've emailed Digium (although I'm still
waiting for something other than an automated reply...) and I'm
investigating the source and the intense debug output, I can reproduce this
fairly regularly every few days.

I don't see any missed interrupts (I'm assuming that you don't either, have
you checked /proc/zaptel?

I'm going to add some more information to the output in either zaptel or
libpri and investigate further.

At the moment there's a big push to get a stable release and anything that
can be pushed to one side will be, so good luck trying to get this resolved
this side of a 1.0-stable release!!

One thing we certainly do need is better counters in the zaptel/libpri bits
to aid troubleshooting as a search will show quite a few people with issues,
and at present it is very difficult to tell what are
hardware/software/config errors as there are very few metrics to go on.


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We are looking for someone using Asterisk and PRI (E100P Cards) with EWSD

Currently we have the follow error on a Production Asterisk System (Recent

Jul  1 15:40:37 NOTICE[90123]: chan_zap.c:6872 pri_dchannel: PRI got event:
8 on
Primary D-channel of span 1

This is NOT a timming or slip error because we allready tested it with
equipment, We even made some tests with an ISDN Tester and we have some
for the curious one.

At the same time you see the ERROR you can hear some CLICK's and POP's on
call, but eventually all B channels are dropped and calls losted.

After the tests we believe the following is happening:

1-EWSD Public Switch send a message asterisk doesn't understand (PACKAGE TOO
LARGE says the PRI-Intense Debug).
2-Asterisk sends a RESTART CHANNEL message to EWSD Switch
3-EWSD sends a RESTART ACK message to asterisk (and all calls are dropped)

Already tested: Cables, E100P card (we tested four dfts cards), Server (Dell
PowerEdge 600SC and HP Proliant ML100), CVS Source Code (Several versions),
Timming (all options), Asterisk Switchtype (EuroISDN is the best one and the
PSTN uses EuroISDN version 5).

Any idea? Anyone experienced this kind of problem before?


Alfred Certain 
Gecko Software 
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