[Asterisk-Dev] Programming Web interface

Miroslav Nachev miro at space-comm.com
Fri Jul 16 23:41:55 MST 2004

Hello John,

We intend to do some similar. If you want we can collaborate for this
project. Now we prepare the initial requirements, fields, forms and
other information from which we need to analyze, planing, designing
and start programing. We are hesitating between the following
technologies with which to do the front end and business logic:
   - Java Swing;
   - Web using JSP/Servlets;
   - PHP;
   - ASP .Net using Apache HTTP and ASP .Net Module for Apache.
   The easyer way for us is Java Swing and/or JSP/Servlets, but for
this way we need of very hard computer requirements like CPU Speed,
RAM and HDD/Flash.
   The other good way is ASP .Net with Apache HTTP Server.
   For all variants we will use MySQL where we will place the most

Best regards,
 Miroslav                            mailto:miro at space-comm.com

Saturday, July 17, 2004, 5:24:37 AM, you wrote:

JW> I would like my customers to be able to self administertheir
JW> virtual (asterisk) PBX through a Web interface (GUI). Additionally
JW> itwould be nice to provision the PBX utilizing IVR , including
JW> call forward, autoattendant creation and changes, voicemail,
JW> follow me roaming, our objective isto develop a intuitive user
JW> interface's either Web or IVR enabling our businesscustomers to
JW> manage basic PBX functionality remotely. I would also like the
JW> abilityto have a graphical display on our customers PC that would
JW> display who is onthe phone, who's calling, how many people in the
JW> queue and hold times. I'm interested in talking to any company
JW> that has already written thoseapplications or has the fundamental
JW> knowledge to write thoseapplications.  Please contact John Warren,
JW> president of Vocalnet @585-419-8264




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