[Asterisk-Dev] dtmf over zap function

Glen asterisk-dev at empireenterprises.com
Wed Jul 14 08:28:29 MST 2004

Actually, my main purpose is to try & figure out why it takes 5 seconds
from the time that the dial app starts to the time that the call is
completed.  I figure knowing when the DTMF tones are passed gives me a
clue what's going on, in addition to becoming familiar with the code so
I can make any necessary changes.  

I've turned on full logging to the console as suggested, which
definitely helps, though the program flow is definitely going to be a
learning curve.  


On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 20:56, TC wrote:
> > I've attempted to place debugging statements in both the zt_digit &
> > do_senddigit functions, but nothing is reported in the asterisk CLI or
> > log files.  
> what exactly are  you using to send digits to a channel?
> do you possibly mean how do you read dtmf from channel/frame ?
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