[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

Marc Olivier Chouinard mochouinard at m0c.com
Sat Jul 10 11:31:36 MST 2004

What do you propose then ? 

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On Sat, 10 Jul 2004, Marc Olivier Chouinard wrote:

> Here is a sample of a future Conference app could look like. It 
> support multiple user with different limit/pin for each users.  I 
> based it on the zapata.conf with the channel setup, userid => create 
> the user base on the lastest info he got from the previous entry.
> I'll like your comment on it, should we look at another direction or ??? 

I don't think inheriting the above config entries is that great of an idea.
I'd much rather see independant config contexts for each conference.

It's slightly easier to build config parser/generators that don't depend on
specific order of entries, also for the newer users that type of config file
can be difficult to wrap their brains around.


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