[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

Stephen Rosebush srosebush at desynched.org
Tue Jul 6 15:06:56 MST 2004

I would agree with the need of having MeetMe timer requirements built 
into the Asterisk distribution. It would save the hastle for people like 
myself who run a software-only PBX with no FXO/FXS devices to deal with 
and still have the conferencing option without needing to download a 
seperate library and go through the hastle of getting it compiled.

Maybe a more scaled-down version of Asterisk would be something to 
consider, like a default distribution set geared towards the operation 
of the PBX on IP based networks rather than having a bunch of useless 
modules compiled and in place for hardware devices I don't see myself using.

Just my two cents.


> On Jul 6, 2004, at 4:44 PM, Mike Mitchell wrote:
>> Thank you.  Also, the app_conference solution that as far as I can 
>> tell is the most visible 3rd party asterisk-based conferencing 
>> module, does NOT use a timer, either.  But I'd rather use something 
>> that's built in if possible.
>> /mike
> Along the line I tried to build the CVS version of app_conference 
> (part of iaxclient) and it was missing at least one file common.h. I 
> am in the camp of trying to use OS X for Asterisk so the current timer 
> solutions don't work.  I would be happy with the ztdummy approach and 
> was going to look into what it would take to provide app_meetme with 
> the correct interface from OS X.
> John
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