[Asterisk-Dev] Zaptel Drivers Refuse to Compile on Sparc. (Was Half Installed on Sparc)

Bob Knight bk at minusw.com
Tue Jul 6 13:37:10 MST 2004

dking at pimpsoft.com wrote:
> Oh you mean network gateway; No I am trying to get this working with 
> my POTS phone line via a pots->computer interface, hence the 
> expensive FXO card. I'm a newb to this application as you can tell 
> but as I said learning is part of the fun; I just wish I knew enough 
> to get it working on the sparc, without valid drivers the hardware is 
> worthless.

Dude, this is my last post on this subject.
As an example, take a look at a mediatrix 1204.
I quit.  Good luck........

Bob Knight
[-w] the work option
bk at minusw.com

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