[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

Alastair Maw al.maw at mxtelecom.com
Tue Jul 6 11:31:01 MST 2004

Mike Mitchell wrote:

>> How about not requiring any type of timer anymore?

On 06/07/04 18:20, Jeremy McNamara wrote:

> Ok Mr. Smart guy, show us how to mix audio without a 1000hz interrupt.
> Every Conference application i've ever seen (even outside of asterisk) 
> requires an interrupt.

This blatantly isn't required. You accept that conferencing will introduce 
a small delay (which you need anyway to de-jitter the UDP packets), write 
the streams into circular buffers, and mix these buffers down 20ms later. 
It's not exactly rocket science.

I know that this works, because I'm running conferencing on my Java IAX2 
stack across tens of simultaneous calls using nothing better than 
Thread.sleep() (which has a resolution of about 23ms on a 2.4 kernel).

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