[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Tue Jul 6 10:20:46 MST 2004

Mike Mitchell wrote:

> How about not requiring any type of timer anymore?
> Other folks have built conferencing for Asterisk that doesn't require a 
> timer, why can't it be built directly into the Asterisk distribution?  
> This is causing major pain for us not wanting a physical PSTN interface 
> (and thus no in-server hardware), or are running on non-Linux platforms.

Ok Mr. Smart guy, show us how to mix audio without a 1000hz interrupt.

Every Conference application i've ever seen (even outside of asterisk) 
requires an interrupt.

How does one acquire this interrupt?  via Hardware or via the Linux 2.6 

Jeremy McNamara

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