[Asterisk-Dev] Zaptel Drivers Refuse to Compile on Sparc. (Was Half Installed on Sparc)

Bob Knight bk at minusw.com
Tue Jul 6 10:14:52 MST 2004

dking at pimpsoft.com wrote:

> Thus the errors I am getting are due to a invalid sparc compilation setting/code somewhere in the code itself, possibly additionally in the binutils package. If they can be
> nudged into compiling for the correct arch I can get this working, but as it is the zaptel drivers refuse to compile unless it is for a sparclite cpu, and I don't have one on
> hand; So my expensive card is worthless to me, as is the past two 
> sleepless days of non stop effort.

>>I don't have the option of using a external gateway as I understand 
>>it; As I said I'm still ignorant on a number of key points; I have 
>>allot to learn but that is half the fun after all.

If you have an ethernet port on the sun box, you have do have
an external gateway option.

Bob Knight
[-w] the work option
bk at minusw.com

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