[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

dking at pimpsoft.com dking at pimpsoft.com
Mon Jul 5 03:44:39 MST 2004

It would be VERY interesting if IAX could tap into this and allow 
multiple systems to work on the exact same conference. Better yet 
(and it probably can do this anyway; I'm ignorant) if it could allow 
us to create a decentralized system of our own:

Given the following is true:

The POTS phone network is composed of interconnected systems working 
in cooperation.
The POTS system works due to its large scale.
The POTS system while dynamic in design is mostly static in nature 
due to the needs of its users.
The internet is worldwide.
Open source telephone systems software and cheap hardware exists.
Many people like creating things.
Many people hate centralized power over communication.
Many people exists who have a love for the telephone system and learn 
all they can about it.
Many People hate paying for what they can get for free.

Then the following is also true:
One person can connect the internet to there local phone system.
A group of like minded individuals could create there own phone 
system attached to the worldwide POTS system.
This system could be used for local calls if the local community was 
large enough in one area.
If this group was large enough then both long distance and local 
telephone bills would end for the entire world.
This group of people exists yet has not been tapped into yet.
This would hurt the phone companies revenue exceptionally depending 
on the number of people involved.
This  in turn would drive down the costs to the consumer.

SO.. Whats to stop people from giving asterisk as the opensource gpl 
product it is this functionality?

 - Belgarath
On 5 Jul 2004 at 11:11, dorian logan wrote:

> One additional item that I would like to see is 
> integrate some streaming bridges e.g. allow conferences to be attended 
> by people via a stream rather than a phone or SIP connection. I know 
> the Ices project is working on this too.
> Asterisk is well positioned to demonstrate what can be done when 
> Internet and telephony are seamlessly integrated.

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