[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

dorian logan dorian at tuxstar.com
Mon Jul 5 03:11:31 MST 2004

I think the functionality that you describe will prove to be very 
useful - providing Asterisk with functionality to rival other 
conference systems. One additional item that I would like to see is 
integrate some streaming bridges e.g. allow conferences to be attended 
by people via a stream rather than a phone or SIP connection. I know 
the Ices project is working on this too.

Asterisk is well positioned to demonstrate what can be done when 
Internet and telephony are seamlessly integrated.

Another nice application would be web based management for a conference 
- alowing the manager to see who is attending and control the 
conference eg mute speakers etc.

Please let me know how you progress - I am happy to assist you with 
this project too.


On 5 Jul 2004, at 03:42, Marc Olivier Chouinard wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've start working to add a few new feature on meetme, I'll list them 
> here :
> (bug 1973)
> -	Hold everyone until Admin login
> -	When admin join, he get a prompt about how many users will join the
> conference(was on hold)
> -	Prompt to the user about waiting for the admin
> -	Prompt when the admin join the conference
> -	Prompt when the admin leave the conference
> -	Allow retry when asked for pin
> -	Added a adminpin in meetme.conf
> -	Beable to login as admin when current a user(or waiting for admin)
> (option * 9)
> I've talked alittle bit to mark about maybe the need for a more 
> advanced
> meetme application, maybe just called Conference.  MeetMe was made at 
> first
> as a basic conference system, and if we want to keep backward 
> compability if
> we want to add new feature, we should look at a new framework that 
> base more
> it config on the meetme.conf or conference.conf depending on what we 
> want to
> do.
> So those feature I showed he seem to be more willing to add them after 
> the
> head goes out, but if we can work on building on a new conference 
> platform,
> it could just be put into that one instead.
> I wanted to know if it was only me that was interested in making the
> conference system more advanced.  I don't even use it really, but after
> using other conference system at work, I feel that * shouldn't be 
> without
> them. If not adding more.
> Here a list of new thing the new conference system could be included, 
> please
> add to the list so it help build a new framework for it:
> - Better management interface, maybe via the Manager API
> - Better VideoConference support(Maybe support ISDN Videoconferencing, 
> and
> make * also a Videoconference Bridge)
> - Multiple layer of users, maybe 1 PIN per user predefined in a 
> database
> somewhere
> - Have the posibility for the chairman to record the conference
> Hey maybe even use a speech reconition and convert to text, pass it to 
> a
> translator and put it back with festival to another language... I 
> donno, but
> the idea is to make it more open and easy to add feature, we keep 
> adding
> flag, but someday will be out, and maybe we want to specify flag for a
> specific user, that we cannot make rightnow.
> So basicly I'l dlike to know what you guys think about that
> Hope to hear from you all soon
> Marc O. Chouinard
> PS. Sorry for my bad english
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