[Asterisk-Dev] channel driver sample - Coding/Transcoding/Conferences

Miroslav Nachev miro at space-comm.com
Fri Jul 2 09:46:36 MST 2004

Hello Ben,

   My idea is stand alone PCI card with DSP Channels that can be used
for coding, transcoding, conferences and etc.

Best regards,
 Miroslav                            mailto:miro at space-comm.com

Friday, July 2, 2004, 7:25:20 PM, you wrote:

BM> Are you talking about creating stand alone DSP resource board that
BM> Asterisk can use?  Or are you talking about other network termination
BM> board?

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BM> Hi,

BM> I think that the best and cheap solution is one PCI Card with one or
BM> more DSP chips. For example I plan to design and develop one board
BM> using TI DSP TNETV2021, TNETV2510 and TNETV2840. Using this DSP we can
BM> have from 8 up to 64 channels per low profile board. This will be very
BM> powerful for Conference Systems and other applications.
BM> If somebody would like to help me with the Linux drivers and the
BM> Codecs firmware will be very helpful for me.

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