[Asterisk-Dev] channel driver sample

Ben Miller bgmiller at nframe.com
Fri Jul 2 09:25:20 MST 2004

Are you talking about creating stand alone DSP resource board that
Asterisk can use?  Or are you talking about other network termination

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I think that the best and cheap solution is one PCI Card with one or
more DSP chips. For example I plan to design and develop one board
using TI DSP TNETV2021, TNETV2510 and TNETV2840. Using this DSP we can
have from 8 up to 64 channels per low profile board. This will be very
powerful for Conference Systems and other applications.
If somebody would like to help me with the Linux drivers and the
Codecs firmware will be very helpful for me.

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 Miroslav                            mailto:miro at space-comm.com

Thursday, July 1, 2004, 6:15:48 PM, you wrote:

TL> On Wednesday 30 June 2004 17:37, mark spowage wrote:
>> shoving a dsp on a pci bus can easily take care of a zillon fax
>> a trivial way to do this is via the voicepump chips and a pci chip.

TL> And it's also opposite of the code philosophy of Asterisk -- build
TL> hardware devices and do the programming in software.

>> why  channel driver development is not an active issue  ? arent there
>> any h/w hackers in the crowd ?

TL> Because most people are satisfied with the existing channel drivers?
TL> those that aren't are already working on improving them.

>> well we all have some hidden agenda's i guess

TL> Like why you want to build channel drivers in (ugh!) Java?

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