[Asterisk-Dev] proposal for channel driver

mark spowage spowage at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 20:01:55 MST 2004

 perhaps the author of asterisk should be nominated for a nobel peace prize.
after all freedom of communications is a driving force for global peace and understanding.
mark spencer has no doubt touched a vital nerve in the internet's function to fulfill
the desire for freedom of communications.
now.. that said.
how about some discussion on a "model" channel driver , a model "protocol".
a. nat friendly as the world is full of nat's these days
b. easy to code, use the kiss principle
c. provide for the client server model (iax does that) 
d. add on a client to client peer to peer voice streams 
e. add on aes for security ?
 one server could then manage a farm of fxs,fxo,etc boxes
f. add on server to server so box on server a can reach box on server b via peer to peer
audio if possible.
this kind of channel driver prototocol will allow one asterisk server to manage perhaps
1000's of remote boxes
a php scripted system would allow easy configuration? well some hook for vertical
basically a channel driver to allow for horizontal and vertical softswitching.
iax is fixated on routing voice+commands to the asterisk server , not allowing
peer to peer voice channels right ?
maybe iax will evolve or a new skype like protocol can be developed taking in
ideas from many sources.
Mark Spowage

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