[Asterisk-Dev] Bug marshals and developers ** CALL FOR ACTION **

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Thu Jul 1 13:16:47 MST 2004

This is a call for all bug marshals to get back in action. There's a lot of bugs up
there on the bug tracker. Mark is on a journey to Europe and we need to be in control
of the bug tracker so that he doesn't get a heart attack coming back to a stack of
unhandled bugs.

And the rest of you developers - please join us on the barricades to sort out the
bugs reported. The number of bug reports are raising and we're getting far
away from possibly releasing anything with any version number.

Bug marshals are administrative positions, needed to keep bug reports going further,
to get information needed for developers to solve a problem. Developers are needed
to solve the problems. Documentation writers are needed in order to see where we
have a lack of proper documentation that leads to an un-necessary bug report.

For some time, Mark has been very alone trying to solve unresolved bugs.

There must be a lot of these bugs that are fixable by others, even if Mark is one of a
few who can control the inner details of Asterisk. Not all bugs affect the core.

Getting the source code clean enough for a release is not a one-man job. We need
a strong community effort to get to 1.0 before christmas ;-)

Visit the bug tracker today, http://bugs.digium.com


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