[Asterisk-Dev] T1 & PBX

Kris Boutilier Kris.Boutilier at scrd.bc.ca
Thu Jan 29 12:20:23 MST 2004

Assuming the T1 isn't set up for PRI, you will find that if you dial very
quickly all the digits get through from the Norstar to Asterisk. I'm having
the same problem.

I beleive the issue is because the context for the T410p is set to [default]
and the Norstar isn't pushing the digits through fast enough for them all to
register in Asterisk before the 'simple switch' goes on to run them through
the dial plan. Ie. Asterisk is expecting a 'burp' of digits instead of
human-driven hunt and peck timing.

The soloution is probably to set up a seperate context using the ,s, target
and have immediate answer and so on turned on in the zap .conf files. From
there you could construct the appropriate Receive Digits handlers and

If anyone has a sample extensions.conf context they'd care to share it would
save both of us some time...


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Does anyone have any experience with a Digium T410P over T1's using a

I'm developing Asterisk for use as a replacement/backup phone switch. The
Norstar is in the loop only as a temporary development tool, and will not be
used in the final product. I've been trying to route calls in and out of
asterisk via the Norstar as it allows access to readily available phones and
existing extensions etc... 

Inbound to asterisk from a nortel phone 

I get a message on the console 

"starting simple switch on Zap/NN-1 (where NN-1 is the T1 group attached to
the Norstar) and (subsequently) "Unknown extension 'X' in context 'blah'
that 'X' (where 'X' is the first number dialed, regardless of what I dial,
and where 'blah' is the context entered in zapata.conf). 

When I do a dial command from the console to the same dialstring, the call
appears to route and the appropriate phone on the Norstar rings. I've even
left the 'dmo' stuff intact as a test, and find that I can access the demo
features from the Norstar, even the IAX features seem to route correctly,
but when I get to my extensions, poof.

Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.

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