[Asterisk-Dev] IAX2 Transfer Message Sequence?

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Fri Jan 16 17:43:16 MST 2004

Top posting and i don't care - Mark once posted the sequence of messages for
it, search google. He described it well, I believe asterisk sends the
request to both parties. Then both parties send a msg to each other, on
receiving that message, each party tells asterisk ok. Once asterisk recieves
both oks, it send a release to both parties. Yes I agree, reading the source
in this instance isn't the best. You should be able to find Mark's post
within a minute or two which has the exact message names.

good luck,

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Subject: [Asterisk-Dev] IAX2 Transfer Message Sequence?

> Can anyone summarize the sequence of messages that need to be
> sent/received in order to execute an IAX2 native transfer?  I just asked
> on IRC and was dutifully told "read the source". Duh.  I have read the
> source. And googled the archive.  The source tells me what all of the
> command are, and how Asterisk processes each of them.  It just doesn't
> tell me anything about the sequence that Asterisk is expecting in order
> to execute either a blind or a consultative transfer.
> Any assistance, now matter how brief, would be greatly appreciated.
> <flame heat="moderate" duration="short">
> I understand that the best way to learn about this stuff is to read the
> source.  While I am a newbie to Asterisk, I am a professional developer.
> What really chaps my hide is when some erstwhile guru responds to a
> direct, logical question with a terse: "Read the source." What do you
> think I have been doing?  I'm not asking about how to set up bloody
> Music-On-Hold here.  I am asking an intelligent question about the inner
> workings of the system.  Please don't bother to respond if you all you
> are going to do is tell me to read the source.  I already know that.  I
> really would like to help.  I want to add something to the community,
> but bullshit answers don't really fuel the fire.
> </flame>
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