[Asterisk-Dev] autoconf in version 0.9.0?

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Mon Jan 12 10:55:28 MST 2004

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 10:41:37PM -0700, Jared Smith wrote:
> Last I heard, nobody was willing to "adopt" the long-term maintenance of
> the autoconf/automake stuff.  (And from what little I know about them,
> they seem to be a maintenance nightmare.)

I tend to disagree, but it is debateable. Maintaining the
configure.ac requires a good knowledge of the Bourne shell,
but maintaining the Makefile.am's is much easier.

As well here has already been a volunteer to maintain this
and I have no plans to abandon it either.

Certainly there will be growing pains in the beginning until
it stabilizes. This is why I suggested doing it in parallel
and keeping the existing Makefiles -- if you don't want to
use the autoconf stuff, just don't run configure. no?

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