[Asterisk-Dev] External Call Control/ CTI

Jonathan Tew jonathan at ultracart.com
Sun Jan 11 11:16:25 MST 2004

I posted on this topic a while ago (see Architecture for CTI on 
12/9/2003) and it went no where.  Asterisk does lack in this area.  
Asterisk should provide CTI capability so that an application can be 
completely aware of the state of the hard/softphone and control it.  If 
you look at Cisco IPCC (a VoIP platform) it provides all this 
capability.  And in the non-VoIP realm.... Avaya, Genesis, etc. all 
provide CTI capability.

Steven Critchfield wrote:

>On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 15:08, toms at xmission.com wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>I searched the groups for something on point and while I found some close
>>issues, none were right on so here goes...
>>I was wondering if there is any support for external call control typical of
>>external ACD systems. I worked on an ACD system that was external to the
>>switch (Harris) and I would be interested in creating an interface for call
>>control. The idea being that a standalone box only needs to know that a
>>call arrived in the queue, and it will direct it to the agent with the
>>correct skill set (skills-based routing). There is really no reason to have
>>the main switch perform this type of processing and the associated
>>reporting etc. Other things like agent on hook/off hook and call status
>>(ringing, parked, etc) would be necessary. 
>>Has anyone worked on this that may be able to point me in the right
>>The best analogy I can offer is wanting a CSTA type interface to Asterisk.
>On the old system you are used to, it was probably necessary for there
>to be an external computer t do more than rudimentary routing. But on
>asterisk, you already are on a computer. You also are on an open source
>platform that provides you with the ability to add or change code that
>is there.
>With that said, have you looked at the queue stuff yet? As I understand
>it, the routing plans are modular and pluggable. This means if you are
>wanting to write a different method of deciding which calls go where,
>just write it as a plug in to the current queue app and revel in how
>easy the interface is. 
>Try working with the tools first, and then determine what other tools
>you need.    

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