[Asterisk-Dev] More Success on the Cisco 7920 and SCCP !!!!! (fwd)

Siggi (SourceForge) siggi at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jan 11 10:54:57 MST 2004

Hi Jan,

the 7920 is on my todo list for quite a few days now, and I've had
experience similar to yours...

On Sun, 11 Jan 2004, Jan Czmok wrote:

> Latest status:
> chan_skinny does NOT work with 7920
> chan_sccp does WORK with 7920 (!!)

One should add that you'd better use the 0.2 release or a CVS snapshot.
(Note for CVS: Zozo's server is a bit picky about its clients. You have to
 add the trailing "/" to your CVSROOT, exactly as documented. And even
 then, I was only able to make one checkout, whereas "cvs update" in that
 tree always failed. Some versions of CVS clients didn't work at all.
 One working version is the 1:1.12.2-2 Debian package)

> however:
> to remove coredumping the chan_sccp just comment out the MWI
> (messagewaitingindicator), then it compiles fine.

Haven't had any trouble with that. (In fact, MWI works fine on a 7960 with
chan_sccp here.) When do you get core dumps and do you have app_voicemail

> Then change sccp_helper.c:  return "P0060302" instead of the old value.
> and voila:
> Phone is registering to Asterisk :-)
> But currently:
> --------------
> After registering to Asterisk it received a "off-hook" message from the
> 7960 and then "Call Ended" on the Display (curious about that !!!).

That seems to be normal for the 7920. I've sniffed the registration
procedure with Cisco's newest 3.3(3) CallManager (+patches), and it's
doing the same thing. Maybe that's some odd way of testing if the
CallManager ("CCM") really works...

> After that the phone reboots and the stuff repeats....

Same thing here.
CCM does quite a few things in different order compared to chan_sccp, but
apart from that, the registration procedure seems quite similar.
I'm still looking into the detailed differences (which is a bit hard, as
there doesn't seem to be any tool like "diff" for ethereal traces).

> Hope to find more answers soon, but it should lead people in the right
> direction.

I hope so, too. And I'll let you know if there is any news.

That said: The 7920 is definitely beta quality, at most: I have
experienced dropped connections as well as the phone ignoring remote
hangup, on more that 50% of my calls in a 100% Cisco environment, with a
Cisco AiroNet access point within 3m, direct line-of-sight. So I guess it
will take a year or two (just as with the 7960/7940) before Cisco gets the
firmware in a state that can be considered production quality.


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