[Asterisk-Dev] Problems with Cisco 7920/Skinny/Asterisk

khm at innovativesol.com khm at innovativesol.com
Fri Jan 9 20:42:03 MST 2004

asterisk-dev-admin at lists.digium.com wrote on 01/09/2004 12:49:49 PM:

> Hi,
> the last 2 days i was working on getting the 7920 Phones to work with
> Skinny & Asterisk; however no luck (yet).
> Does anybody has a SEPDefault.CNF.xml and a SEP<mac>.CNF.xml handy for
> me ? it should be documented at the cisco page, but it isn't :-(
> I still have the issue that the 7920 spits out "No Service - IP Config
> failed" but Asterisk is giving me sign that the phone has registered.
> Also, i see:
> Found device: 206
>     -- Starting Skinny session from
> WARNING[245775]: File chan_skinny.c, Line 1822 (handle_message): Client
> sent message #0 without first registering.
> Recieved AlarmMessage
> Device SEP000D282E891F is attempting to register
>     -- Device '206' successfuly registered
> Requesting capabilities
> Version Request
> Received CapabilitiesRes
> Buttontemplate requested
> Recieved SoftKey Template Request
> Received LineStateReq


I remember running into exactly the problem you describe with my 7910. 
Problem is, I don't remember what I did to fix it, but the phone is 
working very well now.

I'm going to post a copy of the relevant part of my skinny.conf file. 
Maybe it'll help out; I think that's what I was messing with to fix it and 
let it register.  If that's not it, let me know and/or send me your 
skinny.conf and I'll see if I can think of anything.  I could also send 
config info from the phone itself (although I don't know what the 
relevance to your 7920 will be.  I'm also thinking I messed around with 
DNS at some point,too.

I've not seen too much other talk about skinny phones, and would be 
interested in knowing how it works out.

; KHM: My 7910 phone.
[khm]                   ; Device name
device=SEP00049ABBAC9C  ; Offical identifier (host name of the phone. This 
is important)
;host=        ; 
;permit=192.168.0/24    ; Optional, used for authentication
callerid="Kevin McMahon" <555-555-0462>
context=outbound                ; This phone may make outbound calls
line => 800                     ; Seems to be what it displayed on the LCD 
along with Date/Time.
dtmfmode=rfc2833                ; Works.

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