[Asterisk-Dev] PRI/T1-Signaling

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Fri Jan 9 19:49:08 MST 2004

Alfred -
   While you're at it, you may want to look at the patches (in the 
bugtracker?  I don't recall...) that print out User-to-User (UUI) PRI 


   This opens up some really really cool stuff that can be done with 
UUI messages, once they can be set.  Account codes or even SIP setup 
messages could be transmitted in this way.   Does anyone have any 
experience with carriers who do/do not send UUI messages end-to-end? 
I'd like to do some testing on this if you want to make the patches 
and try them in some test environments;  I have several PRI's from 
different providers which might be tested in this manner.


>The CAUSE element is only significant in DISCONNECT messages.
>My proposal allows to send ANY kind of PRI / ISDN message.
>One application would be to be able to send USER-USER messages during
>Like sending a display message "Welcome to Asterisk-PBX" on incoming calls.
>It would only be shown on ISDN equipment though.
>Or to notify the user on the other end of a new CALLED_NUMBER when the call
>got transferred to another extension.
>I don't know how good the upstream switches are going to handle these
>messages, but it leaves lots of room for experiments.
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>>>   i.e.  exten => 555,1,MsgPri (Zap / 2 / Q931_DISCONNECT /
>>exten => 555,102,MsgPri(NOT_INSERVICE)
>Does not this already exist, tho not documented?  By setting
>PRI_CAUSE before calling Hangup?

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