[Asterisk-Dev] PRI/T1-Signaling

Alfred R. Nurnberger alfred at flosys.com
Fri Jan 9 18:47:40 MST 2004

The CAUSE element is only significant in DISCONNECT messages.
My proposal allows to send ANY kind of PRI / ISDN message.

One application would be to be able to send USER-USER messages during
Like sending a display message "Welcome to Asterisk-PBX" on incoming calls.
It would only be shown on ISDN equipment though.
Or to notify the user on the other end of a new CALLED_NUMBER when the call
got transferred to another extension.
I don't know how good the upstream switches are going to handle these
messages, but it leaves lots of room for experiments.


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>>  i.e.  exten => 555,1,MsgPri (Zap / 2 / Q931_DISCONNECT /
>exten => 555,102,MsgPri(NOT_INSERVICE)

Does not this already exist, tho not documented?  By setting
PRI_CAUSE before calling Hangup?


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