[Asterisk-Dev] [patch] chan_sip2.c

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Thu Jan 8 11:34:28 MST 2004

Go Olle!  Woo hoo!  This is great stuff; I'll test shortly, and post 
some comments to the bug as well.


>This is a new version of the SIP channel. No major rewrite, but a 
>lot of small changes in one package.
>Also, I've incorporated a number of patches from bugs.digium.com.
>* THIS IS NOT A FORK * I disclaim the rights to Digium as usual.
>I just wanted to test a lot of things at the same time, so I added 
>some stuff I needed
>into a different version, so I could roll back to the standard 
>chan_sip if things did not work.
>Please test this and report any problems here. I'll hang on and 
>maintain this for a
>while until we agree it is production ready.
>* Add chan_sip2 to the channels/Makefile
>* Add the patch to acl.c/acl.h in bug 0000756
>* make / make install
>* Change your modules.conf
>   Add "noload=chan_sip.so" if you want to run chan_sip2
>* Restart asterisk
>Test and report on http://bugs.digium.com - positive and negative reports.
>And please, don't throw this out on asterisk-users, as it's not ready for that
>now. Test it first, confirm to bugs and we'll see if this version ever can
>be moved forward or if it's something to throw away in the archives...

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