[Asterisk-Dev] [patch] chan_sip2.c

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Wed Jan 7 10:57:30 MST 2004


This is a new version of the SIP channel. No major rewrite, but a lot of small changes in one package.
Also, I've incorporated a number of patches from bugs.digium.com.

* THIS IS NOT A FORK * I disclaim the rights to Digium as usual.

I just wanted to test a lot of things at the same time, so I added some stuff I needed
into a different version, so I could roll back to the standard chan_sip if things did not work.

Please test this and report any problems here. I'll hang on and maintain this for a
while until we agree it is production ready.

* Add chan_sip2 to the channels/Makefile
* Add the patch to acl.c/acl.h in bug 0000756
* make / make install
* Change your modules.conf
   Add "noload=chan_sip.so" if you want to run chan_sip2
* Restart asterisk


Test and report on http://bugs.digium.com - positive and negative reports.
And please, don't throw this out on asterisk-users, as it's not ready for that
now. Test it first, confirm to bugs and we'll see if this version ever can
be moved forward or if it's something to throw away in the archives...


 From the source:

* This incorporates a number of patches and changes
* + realm config option in sip.conf
* realm= in [general]
* + Sipdebugfilter function (not yet in CLI )
* sipdebugip=<ip address> in [general]
* sipdebugport=<port> in [general]
* both needs to be defined. Then do "sip debug" in CLI
* Headers are shown only for matches
* + Changed output format of sip debug
* + Saves useragent header for peer for future processing
* + Save line= data for SNOM phone compatibility (not fully tested)
* + Shows NAT status in SIP show peers, and useragent
* + Added SIPUSERAGENT variable
* + Added many comments inline
* + Saves Call-ID from SIP into SIPCALLID variable
* + Integrates patch 663: Reinvites are not treated as new transactions
* + Integrates patch 104: Externip/mask trick
* + Template support for peers in sip.conf
* Define template [template-name]
* Then use it with "template=name" first in peer definition
* + Template support for autocreatepeer
* Template [template-autocreatepeer] will be applied to all auto-
* created peers if defined in sip.conf
* + Templates is needed for users as well - not implemented yet.
* + Support for outbound proxy
* + Support for domain restriction (realm + from: domain)
* + ODBC support for user authentication

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