[Asterisk-Dev] benevolent dictatorship, or inclusive developper community?

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at baywinds.org
Tue Jan 6 23:47:52 MST 2004

very well said Darren.  I knew I recognized your name from somewhere

Darren Nickerson wrote:
> As a relative newcomer to this project I can't speak for this community in
> any representative way, but that doesn't generally stop me from speaking
> ;-) I CAN say that frequent 'releases' and a well-monitored bugzilla,
> combined with a CVS tree that has no expectation of actually working, does
> seem to foster innovation and participation.
> At least it's worked well with HylaFAX (www.hylafax.org).
> Hackers like to see their hard work injected into CVS for a trial run, and
> they'll often fix what doesn't work immediately. Once they understand that
> their contributions are given the attention they deserve, they stick around.
> On the other hand, the real userbase (potential customers for all you
> budding * consultants) begins to grow only once reliable and at least partly
> documented builds start to emerge from a project like this. HylaFAX isn't
> unlike Asterisk in that it requires a certain amount of UNIX and telco
> expertise in order to implement, and there will always be people looking to
> have their hands held. But it's amazing how much HylaFAX's comprehensive
> UNIX man pages help out even the totally clueless ;-)
> -Darren
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