[Asterisk-Dev] Current database abstraction effort ?

CW_ASN cw_asn at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Jan 6 18:31:09 MST 2004

> I understand these and other reasons to use a DB and ODBC access.  I will
add though, that remote access to a DB over a WAN is not always that easy.
We have had a lot of experiences trying to > > > support this for our
customers where network reliability was an impedance as were other network
security issues.
> If the PBX machine/PC goes down, CDR is probably the last thing you will
worry about from a priority standpoint.  In addition, frequent CDR polling
from either a DB or from flat files is just as secure in > getting data
"off" the switch.

No, this is wrong... I can tell you that the most operation procedures for
large companies in the world, establish that Call Accounting is most
important than service, in the strict sense of word. If you follow AT&T
procedures, you can see clearly two things: 1) If your switch goes down, you
must execute the right procedures to store CDR's properly, 2) Bring up the
switching capabilities of equipment.

>I assume to enable a new class of applications.

> I think this is exactly right.  My impression is that Asterisk will not be
the host/source of these new applications, but that they will be provided by
3rd parties. While it is possible for these apps to read > > > directly from
a system DB via ODBC or otherwise, it is usually not in the PBX's best
interest to allow 3rd party apps to use its resources unrestricted.  Billing
and traffic reports can grind a disk to death!

You must keep in mind the right premise of this effort/thread: bring to *
the capabilities to manage configuration data in db... That's all... In my
opinion, the most useful application for this is for routing purposes. This
is not for store or retrieve billing, nor credit accounts, nor registration
states... only to lookup or retrieve some configs in real time.

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