[Asterisk-Dev] benevolent dictatorship, or inclusive developper community?

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Tue Jan 6 14:49:58 MST 2004

sorry for the cross post, but this is germane to the
developpers as well as the larger user community.

Re: [SIP 0000104]: [patch] Cisco-like NAT trick for outbound SIP connections
On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 08:07:29PM -0600, bugs at digium.com wrote:
> A BUGNOTE has been added to this bug.

tabarnac! it's been months now!

the only thing that i can think at this point is that
mark doesn't want sip to work through nat.

i am getting very frustrated with digium's "benevolent
dictatorship" of this project.

how to make the asterisk project more inclusive of
people's development efforts and contributions?

is it time to start thinking about a fork?

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