[Asterisk-Dev] Congratulations and happy new year!

Ahmad Faiz afaiz at bridge-cti.com
Thu Jan 1 17:36:42 MST 2004

As reported in Voxilla.com (http://voxilla.com/Article40.phtml), in their
top-10 predictions for Voice over IP in 2004, coming in at #3:

"Asterisk hits it big. Zealous fans of the terrific open source PBX-plus
software develop easy-to-follow installation and configuration menus.
Asterisk installations by small businesses and SOHO and home users will
soar. Asterisk-to-asterisk networks, bypassing the Bells and even VoIP
providers, begin to take shape."

Congrats to Mr. Spencer, Digium and all the contributors to this great
product and project. May this year and those to come be even greater for


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