[Asterisk-Dev] SIP Extrange Problem

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Thu Feb 26 11:41:46 MST 2004

Jim Burnes wrote:

> I explicity told mutt to only email the original sender.  Stupid Dog.
> My face is red.

No problem.  Every list I'm on that uses the braindead "Don't really 
reply to all when you choose to reply to all" protocol is replete with 
constant embarrassing postings that the sender never intended.

But it's all been hashed out blah blah blah and the method that leads to 
constant inadvertent traffic has been accepted in the Internet community 
as the best one, against all logic.

I had this happen to me on this list yesterday, and on the average I'd 
say at least once a day someone is horrified to find that they've been 
gotcha'ed by this approach to list management.


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