[Asterisk-Dev] How to set up a channel bank w/ multiple bri brite interfaces?

Steve Brown sbrown at cortland.com
Mon Feb 23 18:48:44 MST 2004

I have a channel bank with an 8-interface brite card.

I've modified fasthdlc.h, zaptel and ztcfg to setup and decode a 3DS0 
brite d channel. And added a little NI1 support to Klaus-Peter's 
libpri/zaptel patches. So far, ISDN phones on one interface can make and 
receive calls through asterisk. Forward, hold, transfer, multiple call 
appearances, and lots of other stuff, like the whole cpe protocol still 
doesn't work. I've been using the hisax NI1 code and a homebrew protocol 
analyzer for guidance. The definitive spec from Telcordia is about $600, 
a little dear for just paper.

My problem going forward is that libpri expects only 1 d channel on a 
span. It is happy with one bri interface w/ the b channels on 1 and 2 
and the d channel on 24. But it's not clear how to configure the rest of 
the interfaces. I attempted a subdriver for ztdynamic to overlay 3 
channels and have them reappear as a separate span, but that got very 
complicated. I looked at modifying the wct1xxp driver to do multiple 
variable spans, but that also looks like major work. Convincing libpri 
to handle multiple d channels doesn't look very easy either.

Maybe, the DIGITALMON conference/monitor mode stuff could be adapted?

I'm hoping one of the guru's on the list can suggest a tidy solution I 
sure can't.

Any hints would be appreciated.



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