[Asterisk-Dev] More Non RFC-compliance

William Waites asterisk at lists.styx.org
Mon Feb 23 10:55:18 MST 2004

With videosupport=yes in sip.conf, Asterisk
includes a null media description that looks like
this in the SDP payload:

m=video 22053 RTP/AVP

>From RFC3407:

Media Announcements

   m=<media> <port> <transport> <fmt list>

and looking at the BNF grammar at the end of the

   media-field =         "m=" media space port ["/" integer]
                              space proto 1*(space fmt) CRLF
   fmt =                 1*(alpha-numeric)
                         ;typically an RTP payload type for audio
                         ;and video media

i.e. a media announcement must include one or
more payload types, and Asterisk is producing
a media announcement with zero payload types.

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