[Asterisk-Dev] Non RFC-compliance

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Feb 23 00:47:04 MST 2004

William Waites wrote:

> I am working with a SIP implementation that gives 101 Dialog Establishment
> session progress message in response to an INVITE request. Asterisk
> produces the following log message:
> Feb 22 20:29:14 NOTICE[65541]: chan_sip.c:5074 handle_response: Dunno anything about a 101 Dialog Establishement response from SIP/.....
>>From RFC3261:
> Unrecognized Responses
>    A UAC MUST treat any final response it does not recognize as being
>    equivalent to the x00 response code of that class, and MUST be able
>    to process the x00 response code for all classes.  For example, if a
>    UAC receives an unrecognized response code of 431, it can safely
>    assume that there was something wrong with its request and treat the
>    response as if it had received a 400 (Bad Request) response code.  A
>    UAC MUST treat any provisional response different than 100 that it
>    does not recognize as 183 (Session Progress).  A UAC MUST be able to
>    process 100 and 183 responses.
> A look at the code indicates that it is not handling the 101
> correctly -- i.e. it is not treating it as a 183.
Where can I find documentation on the 101 Dialog Establishment response?

> I humbly suggesst that you might want to bring your SIP implementation
> into compliance with the standards.
There's a lot of work going on in that direction. Please continue to send
in bug reports, file them at http://bugs.digium.com so we can track the


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