[Asterisk-Dev] NEWBIE: how to modify Dial application

Christian Hecimovic checimovic at qworks.ca
Fri Feb 6 15:12:03 MST 2004

I wrote my own app, called app_administration, to deal with stuff like 
changing corporate greetings, recovering passwords, and so forth. It's very 
easy to include custom apps in asterisk.

1: write your app.

2: stick it into the asterisk/apps directory.

3: edit the Makefile in this directory. Near the top you'll see a line that 
begins with APPS. Stick your app here.

4: if your app links to anything interesting, you'll have to scroll down and 
add a line for it down below. See where the stuff for app_sql_postgres is? 
Put your app here. For example, I needed to link to libcrypt:

app_administration.so : app_administration.o
	$(CC) $(SOLINK) -o $@ $(MLFLAGS) $< -lcrypt

5: of course, write a configuration file for it, if one is needed.

Finally, to use your app from extensions.conf, just reference it without the 
app_ prefix:

exten => 7,1,Administration

And that's it.


On Friday 06 February 2004 03:37, Asterisk List wrote:
> Hello:
> Sorry if this is a very basic question.
> I need to modify the Dial or Queue application to include my own logs to
> know if the call is answered or not, the phone number that answered the
> call and some other items.
> I have copied app_dial.c in a file called app_dial2.c and modified this
> copy. Trying these logs as agi-scripts or standalone C applications work
> fine.
> I don't know how to compile.Trying make app_dial2.so I obtain this file
> without errors, but it is really small (23KB vs 75KB or the original file).
> Don't know what I'm missing...
> After I compile my own module how can I use it on extensions.conf ?
> I'd really appreciate any help, or reference to look for this.
> Thanks,
> R.Tannahill
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