[Asterisk-Dev] H323 error hangs asterisk

Jorge Merlino jorge at teledata.com.uy
Tue Feb 3 12:07:07 MST 2004


I'm having a weird problem with my h323 phones. When users press flash 
they get dialtone from asterisk (regardles of the T or t setting in the 
dial command) and then, if they dial any extension asterisk's console shows:

Feb  3 15:50:39 ERROR[426011]: chan_h323.c:964 create_connection: Unable 
to allocate private structure, this is very bad.
Segmentation fault

I'm using asterisk 0.7.1 and a Planet h323 gateway. Here is the only 
backtrace I get:

#0  0x434f0b71 in 
MyH323Connection::CreateRealTimeLogicalChannel(H323Capability const&, 
H323Channel::Directions, unsigned, H245_H2250LogicalChannelParameters 
const*) () from /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/chan_h323.so

Any Ideas?


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