[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk 0.7.1 RPMS Updated to Rel 4

Greg Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Tue Feb 3 09:06:35 MST 2004

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	There have been over 500 downloads of the RedHat Asterisk RPMS 
since they were released 2 weeks ago, and I have received many comments 
to improve them. After some late night hacking this weekend, I have 
dropped 0.7.1 release 4 RPMS at ftp://ftp.nacs.net/asterisk.
	This is the first release that I feel is usable by the general 
public. Having got my hands on some Digium hardware, I was able to see 
that my build environments for RH73,9 and FC1 were generating i686 
specific modules for Zaptel, which made the RPMS unusable on standard i386 
kernels. Since most people never bother to put the i686 kernel, I 
downgraded my build environments and rebuilt the packages. I.E. if you are 
using stock RedHat kernels (kernel*.i386.rpm) then these are build for 
you. If not, you'll have to grab the .src.rpm and rebuild the RPMS for 
	Also, based on feedback from Donnie Barnes and Brian West, I 
added the result of "make config" from the Zaptel RPMS which will load the 
correct modules at startup.
	As always, comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. 
I could use some volunteers to build/test i586, i686 and k7 packages 
or RH9 and FC1, so if you are interested drop me a line.

Wiki: http://www.voip-info.org/tiki-index.php?page=Asterisk%20RPM

Current Release

FTP Download

* Sat Jan 31 2004 Gregory Boehnlein <damin at nacs.net>

- Updated development environment to ensure proper build consistency for chan_zap
- Added post-install chkconfig to auto-start asterisk on boot
- First really useable release. Yay!

* Mon Jan 26 2004 Gregory Boehnlein <damin at nacs.net>

- Updated changelog entry to enable build on Fedora Core 1 <wrl at express.org>
- Made the decsision to use Dist Specific version numbers (_fc1,_rh9,_rh8,_rh73)

* Sat Jan 24 2004 Gregory Boehnlein <damin at nacs.net>

- added doc macros
- added config macros
- updated install stanza to correct symlink issue
- updated patch0 to include changes to Makefile
- added /etc/rc.d/init.d/asterisk
- added "export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1" for RH9
- asterisk.spec now builds cleanly on RH73 and RH9

* Wed Jan 21 2004 Gregory J. Boehnlein <damin at nacs.net> 

- Initial .spec file created. Most likely buggered. Badly needs help.

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