[Asterisk-Dev] t410p

Ed Devine ncfm at airmail.net
Mon Feb 2 08:18:35 MST 2004

Thanks for the recommendation. Call me dense, but I'm still not clear on how
this would apply to inbound traffic. Basically, I'm asking how would I setup
an inbound as disa? An example would be exceptional.

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> > I've pretty much got the routing covered at this point, I'm just not
> > how to get the Asterisk system to answer and give me dialtone
> > Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
> app_disa will give answer and give you dial tone, wait for an
> authentication code, then dump you into a context where you can make your
> outgoing calls.  Unfortunately, it needs a "#" at the end of the
> authentication code.
> A quick glance at the code suggests that it could be changed to expect a
> fixed 7 digit access code.
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