[Asterisk-Dev] International callback service with Asterisk

Paulo Mannheimer paulohm at instant.com.br
Mon Aug 16 04:48:57 MST 2004

Ops ... Sorry to barge in, but AddQueueMember and RemoveQueueMember are
my creation ;-)


PauloHM (or PHM as can be found in the app_queue.c source)

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On Sunday 15 August 2004 20:59, chaye wala wrote:
> I wonder what gives you authority to define what is
> Asterisk Development. I suggest you review your note

Hmmm, let's see.  Maybe it might be my extensive contributions to the

> again for poor language. Please refrain from using
> poor english. There are tons of development around the Asterisk. In 
> functionality like Management API, FAX reception. PBX forwading, DB 
> Interfaces. CallBack Services. And Protocols, SIP, MGCP, H323. What is
> Asterisk Development in your opinion? 

API, API, API.  Not AGI scripting.

> If you can not
> help, keep your dirty mouth shut and keep on browning
> your nose on folks with similar non-helpful attitude.

If you don't like my contributions, then I suggest that you stop
using:  GotoIfTime, Cut, Eval, Exec, HasNewVoicemail, MailboxExists,
Random, AddQueueMember, RemoveQueueMember, the D, e, or E flags to 
MeetMe, and various other patches added to the core of Asterisk over the
past two years.

You were asked nicely once, and you came back with a smart answer about
what you thought the list criteria was.  You were wrong.  Please take
your AGI questions to the -users list.  This is the last post I'm going
to make on this subject.

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