[Asterisk-Dev] Like a Heartbeat for *

totoro at ovh.net totoro at ovh.net
Mon Sep 15 05:00:15 MST 2003


I don't know about implementing snmp with *. Snmp is rather used on routers and
gateways to know the traffic.
It's true it can be great to know how many calls thereis and how long calls are.
I think it's rather for statistics than a real heartbeat. And it'll make * more
crashable... when complexity goes high...

If I compare to networking, softs like mon are rather used to monitor differents
parties. http://freshmeat.net/projects/mon/
It can be a good idea to base hearbeat on softs like this, largely used in other
areas. There's only modules to write to conform testing to *. A module to make
fake sip calls or so...


Quoting CW_ASN <cw_asn at fibertel.com.ar>:

> >
> > I think Mark is pretty full at the moment with other tasks.  I
> > suspect strongly that this won't go very far without some other
> > C-skilled person taking the flag and going somewhere with it, at
> > least writing a document as to what and how things would be
> > monitored.  Mark would obviously be involved heavily in it, but what
> > you're talking about is an extremely large-scale set of patches and
> > associated testing.
> >
> We are soldiers! First at all, we need to know where the flags is. Then, no
> problem, we fight. :)
> >
> > Plus, are there BSD-licensed SNMP libraries?  (I don't remember if
> > the CMU/Net-SNMP stuff is or not.)  Recall that anything going into *
> > must be disclaimed or licensed in such a way that it is public domain.
> >
> > Alternately, if this is a worthwhile enough set of ideas, and you all
> > have $$$ floating around because of all the dough you saved
> > implementing Asterisk instead of proprietary systems, you might
> > consider all putting your cash towards paying someone to implement
> > it.  (Not me: I'm C-ignorant.)
> >
> I'm thinking to do this with other special features. But... is this a
> special feature?
> >
> > I'm not being snippy or anything: I'm just being realistic. There are
> > lots of great ideas that can/should/could/might be done with
> > Asterisk, but even the trivial feature additions are now starting to
> > take a while to show up.  Put your money where your mouth is, and
> > maybe with the combined investment something might get done.  I would
> > love to have some measurable stats out of Asterisk, and I'd be
> > willing to throw a few bucks towards the effort.
> >
> > JT
> >
> We only discussing the need. If we agree with that, is posible to make a
> collect (or something) to pay for this effort.
> >
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