[Asterisk-Dev] "contrib" directory?

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Tue Sep 2 12:03:05 MST 2003

I setup http://asterisk.sf.net (http://www.sf.net/projects/asterisk) 
quite some time ago and it is not being used for much.  If someone wants 
to mange that site I would be willing to give them admin access.

Jeremy McNamara

John Todd wrote:

> I've seen a few very interesting but very specific patches and apps 
> released here on the list over the last few months.  Quite a few of 
> these are very vendor-specific, or they would be little used by the 
> general population but very handy for certain small sub-sets of users.
> In the path to releasing "versioned" updates, perhaps it would be 
> worthwhile to consider a "contrib" directory, which would contain all 
> these nice (but narrow) features and scripts.  These may or may not 
> even be built with the main tree when compiled, but their inclusion 
> and usefulness are such that they should not be relegated to the abyss 
> of the mailing list archives.
> Thoughts?
> JT
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